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Pursuant to California Rules of Court, Rule 4.105, you will not be required to deposit the bail amount if you appear for arraignment or trial unless you elect a statutory procedure that requires the deposit of bail.


California Courts are under no obligation to send bail notices; however, our court does mail a courtesy notice to the address written on the citation. The notice indicates the bail amount, with or without proof of correction if applicable.
You may forfeit the full bail amount indicated on your notice unless your court appearance is mandatory. You may send a personal check, certified bank check or money order in U.S. funds made payable to the COLUSA SUPERIOR COURT. The court address is 532 Oak Street; Colusa, CA 95932. DO NOT MAIL CASH.
If you fail to submit all required monies and documents to the court by your appearance or continuance date you may have been granted by the court clerk or Judge, your case will be considered ‘Failure to Appear’ with an additional $484.00 added to your original bail. Once your case goes to ‘FTA’ and you still do not take care of your case it will be turned over to Shasta County Superior Court Collections Unit for collections with an additional $300.00 civil assessment fee added to your bail.

Making A Payment

1. To make a payment by phone, please call (833)-460-8565
2. To make a payment online, visit
Pay Fees & Fines Online

Agreement To Pay and Forfeit Bail In Installments

You may request to make payments of your bail. To do so you must complete the Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail in Installments form. In order for the court to accept partial payments for bail and proof of correction, you must read, complete and return the Agreement form to the Court by the appearance date on your citation. Return it to the court with your first payment of $50.00, along with any proof/s of correction you may have. Please also read the second page of the form and initial on the second page that you have read and understand your rights you are giving up. You do not qualify for bail payments if your courtesy notice says mandatory appearance.
This method of dealing with your citation is not available if you will be attending traffic school.
A $35.00 administrative fee will be added to the total bail due for any Agreement form received by the court. Without proof of correction and no likelihood of obtaining proof of correction, the entire bail amount for that charge will be added to the bail balance.
Once your Agreement form is received by the court with your first $50.00 payment, a clerk will process your request within 7 days, set up your payment schedule, calculate the monthly payment amount due and then mail a copy of the Agreement back to you. It is up to you to follow up and mail your payments in a timely manner. There is no grace period. The court does not take responsibility for delivery delays of your form or your payment. The court cannot accept credit cards for partial bail payments.
Forfeiture of bail is the same as a conviction of the offense and it will result in a conviction on your driving record.
Failure to comply with an Agreement to Pay and Forfeit Bail in Installments will result in a Failure to Appear charge being added to your case, increased assessments, suspension of your driving privilege and the case being referred to Shasta County Superior Court Collections Unit.
If your case has been turned over to Shasta County Superior Court Collections Unit, you MUST contact them to determine the total due. Their phone number is (530)-225-5205 or email You may make partial payments to Shasta County Superior Court Collections Unit in any amount, however if there is a DMV hold on your driver's license, the hold will not be released until you have paid Shasta County Superior Court Collections Unit in full with verified funds.

Bail Reductions

Court clerks cannot reduce bail or dismiss cases. Requests for bail reductions must be made in person to the Judge during a traffic arraignment calendar on Mondays at 12:30p.m. If you choose to appear in court you must check in at the clerk's office before the 12:30p.m. court start time.
Because of the volume of letters requesting bail reductions or dismissals, our Judges simply cannot read them. It would be unfair for some letters to be read and not others. Typically, bail is not reduced.
Upon receipt of your completed form and/or your first $50 payment or request to pay your bail in one (1) lump sum within six (6) weeks, your plea will be entered and an accounts receivable will be initiated. Please write your docket number on each payment that you send to the court. If you move prior to paying your account in full, you will need to provide the court with an updated address.
If your citation includes correctable violations, proof of correction also needs to be provided when returning the plea form so that the bail can be reduced.

Traffic School

Installment payments are not authorized for traffic school - you MUST pay in full.
If you are eligible and want to attend traffic school, return your signed courtesy notice along with your original bail amount plus the $52 state mandated fee by your appearance date. This court permits attendance only at DMV approved traffic schools.
You will not receive any further notice from the court. It is your responsibility to contact the school, register and attend the course and then submit your signed completion certificate to the court by the due date given to you either by the court or sent with your courtesy notice. If you decide not to attend traffic school or your certificate is not received at the court by the due date, a conviction of the charge will be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles and your automobile insurance may be adversely affected.
Traffic schools are private businesses and charge a fee to attend the course.

Trial By Court

If you are charged with an infraction violation you may plead not guilty by sending the amount of bail and returning your signed bail notice requesting a court trial and entering a plea of not guilty. Such requests must be received by the court five days prior to your appearance date. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED THROUGH THE MAIL OF THE DATE AND TIME OF YOUR TRIAL. You may also appear in court and plead not guilty and you will not be required to deposit the bail amount.

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